Green Tea Chocolate Fruit Jam Cupcake


A few days ago, I was putting together my next recipe on my computer. All of sudden, an antivirus program called “Vista Home Security 2012 Virus” popped up from nowhere. The program performed a seemingly legitimate virus scan and displayed a long list of malwares which could be removed upon a purchase of the software. Just to add more salt to the wound, all my internet browsers were disabled due to “security reasons” and an immediate action was urgently needed.

I grew very suspicious of this antivirus application that I didn’t recall installing so I googled about it using a different computer. It turned out that this so-called “Home Security 2012” was a virus that mimics the appearance of a real antivirus application. It is designed to lure victims into purchasing their “full” version. Worse, even if the payment was made, the infections would still stay as more money would be demanded….

Upon some research I started my virus removal mission right away.  I first ran the virus scan using my default application. That literally changed NOTHING! Frustrated, I then followed some suggestions to do this manually…..

After a few days of self rescuing, I am finally able to use the internet and have pop-ups somewhat under control (my free time during the weekday is kind of limited). As a result of this unexpected ordeal, I lost my time needed to complete this week’s recipe. I sincerely apologize if you looked forward to this week’s update.

On the flip side I was able to enjoy this green tea cupcake during my downtime.

I am no big cupcake fan in any shape of form but this cake is what I always think of when cupcake comes up as a topic.

The cupcake is from a little dessert bar that serves some very creative desserts here in New York. Although they have a lot of other great desserts

this green tea cupcake stands out as one of my favorite.

This amazing cupcake features a green tea butter cream frosting and a chocolate cake. The creamy frosting is of a very strong green tea flavor yet not overpoweringly sweet.

The cake itself is moist and fluffy. Once you bite into it, you’ll discover the surprise fruit jam inside of the cake (don’t we all love surprises? The good ones of course.).

The crunchy chocolate mint crisps on top of the frosting definitely added a nice touch to this wonderful cupcake:)

I don’t have a recipe yet but your speculations will be greatly appreciated:)


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    sooo i just stumbled upon your website cuz i looking for recipe for tang yuan (and i found it) and i saw green tea and chocolate cupcake!! and i was super excited but my excitement quickly diminished when i heard about you getting your compy virus and that there was no recipe for the cuppycake and it made me go T__T sooo firstly i hope you fixed your virus on your compy and no rush but ill be waiting around for the recipe =)

    • 6.1

      Hi Jenn thanks for your visit! I apologize for disappointing you but I assure you that a recipe will be posted soon! Thanks!

  2. 5

    Hi Yi, The Green Tea Chocolate Fruit Jam Cupcake. Look so yummy.. Can I have the recipes to try the cupcake..

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  4. 4

    eeeek i hope you’ve managed to completely remove them now and they’re not hiding somewhere for their next attack! how scary! im glad mac has no such problem (yet!)

    those cupcakes look pretty perfect! im not usually a cupcake person but i can see that id love these…hmm green tea!!

  5. 3

    I got the same virus a couple weeks ago! I downloaded Malwarebyte’s Anti-malware software and it got rid of it! I hope you get this issue resolved, it was really annoying to deal with! 🙁

    • 3.1

      Hi Anita, thank you very much for your suggestion. I used something similar to Malwarebyte’s program and it seems that the pop-ups are gone.

      I’ll need to restart my computer a few more times to be sure whether it is all fixed.

  6. 2

    Did you get rid of the virus? My sister got it on her laptop not long ago and had to go and get it removed from a place in NYC.

    Green tea + chocolate = perfect combo 🙂

    • 2.1

      Hi Judy, thanks for asking. The pop-ups seem to be gone now although I need to test a few more times as these viruses are said to be tough.

      Yes this cupcake is absolutely amazing! I am sure you’ll like it.

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