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Chinese New Year Cookbook 2016

Chinese New Year, a.k.a. Luna New Year or Spring Festival, is the most celebrated Chinese festival around the world. According to Chinese Zodiac and the lunar calendar, 2016 is the year of the Monkey and it will begin on February 8th.

Which, of course, means the Chinese communities around the world are already kicking off the planning for this important occasion by preparing the food for the New Year’s Eve feast, doing a thorough cleaning around the house, decorating the house with auspicious objects, and even getting a fortune read based on the zodiac sign.

Roasted Pig | Siu Yuk ‎燒肉 Recipe

Crispy Pork Belly | Siu Yuk ‎燒肉

If there is one place that gets me excited about going to Chinatown, it would be Chinese BBQ shops. You know, the restaurants with endless amount of roasted pork, chickens, ducks covered in that...

Chongqing Chicken with Chilies 辣子雞

Chongqing Chicken with Chilies 辣子雞

Hello and Happy New Year! Nothing gets me more excited than kicking off the new year with a pepper head party dish like Chongqing Chicken (yes that’s a dish named after my hometown!).

char siu bao/roast pork bun

Steamed BBQ Pork Bun 叉燒包

Steamed bun or simply Bao in Chinese, has been one of the hottest (pun intended) snack/appetizer I’ve been serving up this holiday season. In celebrating the upcoming holidays and the New Year as well...

Fish in Spicy Chili Oil 水煮魚

Fish in Spicy Chili Oil 水煮魚

Here is an inspiration for your next April Fool’s joke. Go to your favorite local Sichuan restaurant with your non-spicy food eating friends. And order the

Quick and Easy Egg Drop Soup Recipe

{Recipe} Egg Drop Soup 蛋花湯

When the temperature finally drops below 50 F (10 C) here in NYC, I know that 1) winter is probably around the corner 2) it’s about the time to cook some soups. And who...

dumpling festival nyc 2015

Dumpling Festival NYC 2015

The move is finally D.O.N.E! And Yi Reservation officially has a new home! It was a pretty stressful moving week but at the end there was nothing better than being able to finally sit...