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Chinese New Year Giveaways | Yi Reservation

Chinese New Year Giveaway [CLOSED]

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Chinese New Year is all about celebrating a new beginning and sharing the joy. With Chinese New Year 2013 just days away, I would like to thank all my dear readers for your support over the past year. Your feedback and encouragement mean a lot to me and I want to express my gratitude by hosting a giveaway.

Before I get into details of the giveaway, I am excited to announce the launch of Chinese Cooking Start Kit Page. Lately some readers and friends asked me about my kitchen equipments and cooking ingredients. I know Chinese cooking utensils can get confusing and  ingredients can get intimating so I figured it would be helpful to put together a list of basic kitchen tools and widely used Chinese condiments and spices. I hope this list will help some of you demystify Chinese cooking.

About the giveaway, one fortunate reader will win either a 10-Piece Wok Set OR a $45 Amazon.com Gift Card. To many Chinese families, a wok is an essential part of Chinese cooking. A complete wok set will enable you to explore the long tradition of Chinese cuisines. You can learn more about woks and other different Chinese kitchen essentials at the Cooking Start Kit Page.


Please carefully read the rules:

10-Piece Wok Set: 14 inch carbon steel set includes wok, lid, reversible burner ring, tempura rack, 1 pair cooking chopsticks. 10 pairs chopsticks, wire steaming rack, turner, ladle, and recipe and instruction booklet.

chinese new year giveaway

This giveaway is WORLDWIDE. However, because of the shipping cost, winner outside of the Unites States will only the option of the Amazon gift card.

This giveaway will be closed on Sunday, February 17, 2013, 11:59 AM PST.  Entries that do not follow the rules below will not be considered.


1) To enter the giveaway, please leave a comment on this post telling me what recipes or ingredients you would like to see on Yi Reservation.

For Extra Entries, please do any or all of the following in addition to the above (and leave a separate comment for each entry)

2) Subscribe to Yi Reservation by Email and leave a comment (even if you are already a subscriber)

3) Like Yi Reservation on Facebook Fan page and leave a comment (even if you are already a fan)

4) Tweet about this giveaway on Twitter and leave a comment with tweet link


The winner will be randomly selected via random.org and announced shortly after the end of giveaway. Good luck and happy cooking!


Thank you everyone for participating the Chinese New Year Giveaway. I really appreciate for all your feedback on the recipes and ingredients you are interested to see. I promise that your requests will appear on this blog in the near future.

Now, the winner of this giveaway is …… 



Congratulations S. Harris! You will be contacted shortly via email!


P.S. I will be running more giveaways this year so make sure you subscribe to my email updates so you won’t miss them!


Full disclosure: This giveaway is sponsored by Yi Reservation.

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  3. 81

    @toothfairycyber follows @YiReservation

  4. 80

    I love to see your recipes with prawns because I ♥ seafood and cashew nuts for their nutty flavourings!

  5. 79

    I also liked your FB page. That’s how I noticed/found out about this giveaway.

  6. 78

    I’ve being your subscriber for a long time.

  7. 77

    蛋黃酥, 鳳梨酥

  8. 76

    Dumplings without pork

  9. 75

    How about more recipes with tofu?

  10. 74

    I am so glad you found my site so I could find yours! My husband spent about 5 years working in China and my son just graduated with a degree in Asian studies. He hopes to go over for his second time to work more on his language skills. I would love to see a good egg tart as my husband talks about getting those at KFC and a baked bbq pork bun!

  11. 73

    I subscribed!

    I would like to see recipes for any of the following foods:
    – Taro dumplings (Wu Gock)
    – Rice noodles rolls
    – Stuffed crab claw
    – Tofu skin rolls

    These are my parents favorites whenever we go out to eat for dim sum ^^. Whenever we go though, it’s a little bit expensive (since it’s me, my parents, and my three siblings… and we six eat a lot!) so I wanted to try cooking up a few of these dim sum dishes (along with some of your other dishes) for my parents x).

    Your recipes and pictures are really amazing and helpful, so if you could do any of these dishes, I would be very thankful!

    Also, happy Valentine’s day!

  12. 72

    Here is an old Chinese American favorite…well actually, there are two.

    Butterfly shrimp (with bacon)
    Shrimp with lobster sauce!


  13. 71

    Awesome giveaway and I liked your Facebook page!
    I would like to see take outs made at home but bit lighter versions.
    Thank you!

  14. 70

    Waiting to see more Chinese desserts..I have come across many savory recipes but not familiar with Chinese sweets so would love to see it on your site. btw I have subscribed to your recipes via email…

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  16. 69

    also liked your facebook page

  17. 68

    I subscribed to the email

  18. 67

    i would like to see more Chinese desserts 🙂

  19. 66

    I like you on Facebook.

  20. 65

    I subscribed to the email letter. 🙂

  21. 64

    I would love to see more “instead of Chinese takeout, make it healthier at home”. I LOVE my favorite Chinese restaurant, but sometimes I get on the scale and see it doesn’t love me.

  22. 63

    I’d be interested in more congee dishes as I can never get the consistency right!!

  23. 62

    A dish with taro?

  24. 61

    Fermented bean curd and duck!

  25. 60

    Boneless spare ribs, fried rice…basically easy to make at home alternative for Chinese takeout…

  26. 59

    I would love to see more vegetable only meals with rice.

  27. 58

    Would love to have more healthy recipes

  28. 57

    I am a big fan of desserts, so it would always be helpful to know more recipes 😀

  29. 56

    wish I could have the wok set, but as I live outside US not… anyway I love Chinese food and I am glad I did find your blog.
    Will try out some things soon.
    I would like recepies from scratch while I can not have much special ingredients 🙂

  30. 55

    wish I could have the wok set, but as I live outside US not… anyway I love Chinese food and I am glad I did find your blog.
    Will try out some things soon.
    I would like recepies from scratch while I can not have much special ingredients 🙂

  31. 54

    I’d be interested in dishes with fish. 🙂

  32. 53

    I am loving your site, and there’s a couple of recipes of yours that became staple in my day-to-day cooking. The Home Style Tofu is my favorite, and would love to see more recipes like it that are quick to make, include tofu (or even vegetarian) and mushrooms. I tend to cook vegetarian 2-3 times per week, and would love to be able to make something of yours!

    I liked your page on facebook, and am allready following it on my rss reader. Happy Chinese New Year!

  33. 51

    Liked your Facebook page. 🙂

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

  34. 50

    just subscribed to your blog through email now.

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

  35. 49

    What a fantastic giveaway! Definitely the perfect way to celebrate the CNY and making it easier for everyone who love to prepare Chinese recipes at home. I truly enjoy your post with the history and background of the recipes and dishes that you shared, especially those Sichuan dishes. I love spicy food and you’re the expert of this type of dishes. So, I would love to learn more from you. 🙂

    amy [at[ utry [dot] it

  36. 48

    Red bean soup with mochi!

  37. 47

    Pork chops!

  38. 46

    I’d be interested in stewed beef recipes.

  39. 45

    How about a recipe for red bean ice cream or lychee ices!!!!

  40. 44

    I love soup! Definitely more chinese herbal soup recipes that’s good for the soul!

    • 44.1

      Herbal Chinese soup sounds good. Maybe you could explain what some of those ingredients are…like the tongue depressor looking sticks.

  41. 43

    Some soup recipes, such as hot and sour soup.

  42. 42

    I’d like to see a recipe for ginger steamed bass.

  43. 41

    Happy New Year! What an awesome giveaway! I want to know how I can use oyster sauce. I love the flavor of oyster sauce + soy sauce + garlic…but wonder how else I can use it beside stir fry with that combination. 🙂

  44. 40

    Cantonese chinese friends of my family once cooked a soup that had whole chicken, I’m guessing the Napa Cabbage leaves and the soup was a bit peppery, to recreate tis dish would be nice.

  45. 39

    I would like to see more pastry recipes and also more noodle recipes

  46. 38

    I would love to see a recipe for zong zi (粽子).

  47. 37

    I love your website! I would love to see more recipes of Shanghainese food or Chinese baked dishes. Thank you for this giveaway!

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  49. 36

    I subscribed!

  50. 35

    I was already a fan on Facebook!

  51. 34

    My boyfriend has been going on and on about mushrooms lately… I need some recipe ideas! 🙂

  52. 33

    How about Chinese bread recipes?

  53. 32

    I’d love to make chive/shrimp dim sum….by the way, I love your site!
    Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. 31

    Here’s another…How about steamed crabs and rice?

  55. 30

    BUT here is another request…do you have a recipe for fruit flavored beef jerky. Last time I was at Ping’s, the owner said that he no longer makes the fruit flavored style. The other jerky stores seem to make Malaysian style. Need some of that Cantonese goodness!!!!!! Please!!!!!!

  56. 29

    I know that I suggested steamed meat buns with crab and I do want to try it!

  57. 28

    What a brilliant goodies giveaway my friend 😀

    Choc Chip Uru

  58. 27

    I also subscribe via your RSS feed! Does that count? Thanks!

  59. 26

    Hi! I love your site! I would like to see more recipes that are traditional comfort food with little frying.

  60. 25

    Hi! When I was living in Shanghai, I fell in love with Xinjiang food. I am always trying to find a good recipe for Da Pan Ji and lamb, which I think you don’t have. I also like to cook vegetarian dishes! I already liked you on Facebook, but I just left a comment. And I tweeted!

    Just looking at this wok makes my mouth water. All the things I could cook! Chinese New Year Giveaways | Yi Reservation yireservation.com/giveaways/chin…— Virginia Wine Nose (@VAWineNose) February 6, 2013

  61. 24

    Also, forgot I am already an email subscriber! The Cooking Starter Kit is very useful. I’ll let my sister know what her new kitchen needs!

  62. 22

    your web is very helpful to me to cook for my parents, but unfortunately you didn’t have much recipe for vegetarian (chay/chai) and do you have any recipe for chinese new year dishes for good luck,joy, happy, and longivity ?

  63. 20

    Not on Facebook, but I’d like you if you were on Google+!

  64. 19

    I’d love to see more recipes with dimsum, Chinese pastries, quick dinners and ideas for appetizers with a Chinese twist. Ingredients I want to see used include eggs (always handy), fruit (Asian AND non-Asian), scallops, fish, and more sauces.

  65. 18

    I’m a FB fan!

  66. 17

    I’m a subscriber!

  67. 16

    I would love to see some recipes that are gluten free (naturally or not). Thanks so much!

  68. 15

    I would love to see more Chinese pastries – I don’t have any Chinese bakeries around me so I would love to make these treats on my own.

  69. 14

    btw, forgot to add – I’d like to see more soup noodle recipes. They are my favorite. I’m also already a subscriber too! Keep up the good work!

  70. 13

    I am a subscriber and facebook fan! Love the new ingredients section.

  71. 12

    I just started reading your website – love everything here! So glad I found it!!! Thanks for a chance to win!!!

  72. 11

    I love your new your Chinese Cooking Start Page! Excellent idea. Some of the ingredients are mysterious to many of us, at least in the US, so it’s so useful to have the explanation. You’ll be glad to know I already follow you by email. 😉

  73. 10

    I am email subscriber ! :))

  74. 9

    I would love to see more noodles and soup recipes.

  75. 8

    I would love to see more rice and dimsum recipes.

  76. 7

    I would love to see more pastry and cake recipes!

  77. 6

    And of course, I have to share this giveaway with my tumblr peeps. xD Since my twitter is private while my tumblr is public.. http://foodforjubilee.tumblr.com/post/42334905428

  78. 5

    I’m already a FB fan of Yi Reservation..

  79. 4

    I would like to see more recipes with noodles.

  80. 3

    Do you have any good recipes with taro or chestnuts? 🙂

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