Char Siu Pork | Chinese BBQ Pork Recipe 叉燒

Char Siu Pork | Chinese BBQ Pork 叉燒

Found hanging in the windows of Chinese restaurants around the world, Char Siu 叉燒 or Chinese BBQ Pork is probably one of the most popular Chinese dishes in the world and holds a symbolic...


{Closed} Holiday Giveaway ($100 Value) + Steamed Meat Bun Video

Happy Holidays! I have two gifts for you today to celebrate this wonderful time of the year!

Truffled Egg Toast Recipe

Truffled Egg Toast

I have been asked a lot about what I cook outside of my blog. This might be a bit disappointing to some of you but Yi actually does not only cook Chinese or Asian...

Chinese Steamed Meat Buns (Baozi) Recipe 包子

Chinese Steamed Meat Buns (Baozi) 包子

This is Part II of the Steamed Bun Series. Here are the other posts in this series: Part I: Mantou (Chinese Steamed Bun) 饅頭 Before today, I never thought I’d post a recipe for...

Honey Glazed Dried Pork Jerky Recipe | 豬肉乾

Honey Glazed Pork Jerky | 豬肉乾

I have to confess that I have an expensive addiction… I am addicted to all kinds of jerky and I can’t help but stock up a few bags of jerky EVERY TIME I go... Fried Pumpkin Cake Recipe | 南瓜餅09/IMG_9048.jpg?x48477

Chinese Fried Pumpkin Cake | 南瓜餅

I never really celebrated Halloween as a kid but I’ve learned to appreciate this holiday over the years. In New York City, there are a great variety of Halloween events going on right now....


Giving Thanks For Giving

Do you have a special someone who you would like to thank for:


Cantonese Style Water Spinach Stir-fry | 腐乳蒜茸炒通菜

I’ve got a good news to share…. That my Honey Crusted Ribs and Oven Baked Fries with Fennel Aioli has won the Sweet to Savory recipe contest!


Honey Crusted Ribs and Oven Baked Fries with Fennel Aioli {Marx Foods Challenge}

I have to confess that I have shamefully managed to miss the entire grilling season this year because of all the chaotic personal events. Aside from a few backyard barbecues I was invited to...


Sweet to Savory Recipe Challenge

You might remember Marx Foods from last year’s East Meets Delicious Recipe Contest. While I am at it I just can’t help but to thank you guys for the tremendous support for my recipe!