Sichuan Double cooked pork belly

Double Cooked Pork Belly 回鍋肉

Let’s talk about pork belly today. If you are crazy about pork belly like me, welcome to the belly club! But seriously, health reason aside, I think pork belly is such a versatile and...

{Recipe} Cantonese Style Braised Beef Stew 炆牛腩

Cantonese Style Braised Beef Stew 炆牛腩

It’s been a long and really cold in New York City this year and to cope the cold weather I have been visiting some of my favorite dishes such as the chicken meatball soup,...


{Restaurant Review} Dumpling Galaxy, Flushing NY

As I previously announced on Facebook, I was going to introduce a restaurant review section to this site. Inspired by the multiculturalism in New York City, I’ll be sharing my food journeys discovering the...


Hong Kong Style French Toast 法蘭西多士

A Cha Chaan Teng, or Hong Kong style café, is a unique casual eatery that’s been feeding the Hong Kong people since the 1950s. A typical Cha Chaan Teng offers a wide selection of...


Spicy Lotus Root 香辣炒蓮藕

While commonly used in cuisines throughout Asia, lotus loot has largely been a mysterious ingredient to the rest of the world.

homemade soy milk Recipe

Homemade Soy Milk 豆漿

While soy milk is often seen as a daily alternative in the States, soy milk has been a beverage in China and other parts of Asian for hundreds and thousands of years. Traditionally, soy...

Zongzi | Chinese Sticky Rice Dumpling 粽子

Zongzi | Chinese Sticky Rice Dumpling 粽子

From the kickoff of the World Cup in Brazil, to Wimbledon Championships, to NBA and Stanley Cup final, this June is one of the most exciting month for the sports fans around the world....


Sesame Chicken / General Tso’s Chicken

For readers who live in North America, the dish General Tso’s Chicken (左宗雞) hardly needs any introduction. This American-Chinese dish is often considered as one of tje favorite Chinese dishes in the US.

Easy Sichuan Mapo Tofu / Spicy Tofu

Easy Sichuan Mapo Tofu / Spicy Tofu

Tofu has been a frequent ingredient on my dinner table this year as I am trying to cut down my meat intake. And let me tell you that turning a block of flavorless tofu...

Super Soft Asian Milk Bread 牛奶麵包

Super Soft Asian Milk Bread 牛奶麵包

UPDATE: By popular demand, I have shared an updated recipe and video tutorial on how to make Asian Milk Bread by Hand. Subscribe to my YouTube to see more delicious videos! If you grew...