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Truffled Egg Toast | Yi Reservation

Truffled Egg Toast

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Truffled Egg Toast

I have been asked a lot about what I cook outside of my blog. This might be a bit disappointing to some of you but Yi actually does not only cook Chinese or Asian all the time!

In fact, by my count I ONLY spend precisely 42.68% of my time cooking Chinese food. And I spend rest of my time being the chef around the world.

Truffled Egg Toast

If you have already been following me on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and etc, you probably have an idea what I cook outside of blogging. For me, there is just so much fun to experiment new things and challenge myself with interesting recipe. I am really flattered when some followers asked me to share the recipes of the dishes I shared on my social media!

Case in point, a few weekends ago, I re-created this NYC legendry dish called Truffled Egg Toast. It was first posted on my Instagram as a 15 second video then it traveled to my Facebook page. The next thing I know, I got a few recipe requests from readers and followers for this recipe.

Truffled Egg Toast

So upon the popular request, I am posting my version of Truffled Egg Toast. The combination of the runny yolk and truffle oil aroma is out of this world! Allegedly, the original recipe was created at a NYC restaurant 15 years ago and it has since been one of the signature dish in that restaurant!

The recipe is fairly easy and quick, making it a quick brunch item! The original recipe calls for grilled asparagus but I omitted it and prefer the version without. The key to this dish is to not overcook the egg yolk. My trick is to refrigerate your eggs until you need to use them. Once it’s done, enjoy it while hot. I guarantee you’ll clean every morsel of it!

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Step by Step Illustration

Truffled Egg Toast

Prep Time: 10

Cook Time: 10

Total Time: 20

Make this legendary Truffled Egg Toast from NYC at home following my step-by-step recipe at www.yireservation.com.


  • pullman white bread/Milk Bread
  • 2 egg yolks (keep in the fridge prior to use)
  • 4 slice fontina cheese
  • 1-2 tbp truffle oil
  • salt and pepper to taste


  1. Pre-heat the oven to 400 F. For each serving, cut the pullman bread into 1.25 inch thick slice Truffled Egg Toast
  2. Take a non-sharp object (such as the bottom of a knife handle) and press the center of the bread to create a well for the egg yolks. Do not puncture the breadTruffled Egg Toast
  3. Remove the bread crust for a softer texture (optional) Truffled Egg Toast
  4. Carefully place the egg yolks in the center of the sliced bread. To prevent Keep the egg in the fridge prior to use Truffled Egg Toast
  5. Cover bread with the sliced fontina cheese but leave the yolks uncovered. Season the bread with a tiny pinch of saltTruffled Egg Toast
  6. Bake the bread at 400 F for 5 minutes then bake at 450 f for 2 more minutes or until the fontina cheese melts Truffled Egg Toast
  7. Plate the baked toast. Generously splash the truffle oil on and around the toast. Garnish with some freshly ground pepperTruffled Egg Toast

Bon Appetit!

Truffled Egg Toast

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  1. 19

    Looks great! But where the heck can you find Truffle oil? Ive been to 2 grocery stores and neither have it nor have heard of it.

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  3. 18

    I’ve never heard of this, but it somewhat reminds me of egg in a basket (which I make all of the time), but a lot fancier. This is definitely something that would go over huge with me and my husband. Thanks so much for sharing this because I will be making it! Happy Holidays!!!!

  4. 17

    So absolutely gorgeous. In a way, it looks a bit like our Portuguese “francesinha”.

  5. 16

    This looks awesome. I often make it for Sunday brunch. Love it.

  6. 15

    this looks amazing. i have to try it!

  7. 14

    Simple to make dish like this. . . yes I can do. 🙂 I am sure it taste wonderful with the eggs and the fontina cheese. Thank you Yi! 🙂

  8. 13

    My husband loves egg. I am sure he would be drooling over this runny and creamy egg toast. I have to go and get some truffle oil soon.

  9. 12

    That’s how I make my “eggs in the basket” …i do from time to time add some ham, but yours look so much better 😀 Anyhow, on the first look I thought it was tofu with the egg, looks absolutely amazing, Yi. I hope your December is filled with joy! Have a great day and thanks for sharing!

  10. 11

    Hi, I discovered you via Amy (youtry.it) – hi!
    This is indeed a very glamorous take on “toad in the hole” toast! or a spin of madame croque… I love how it’s possible to continue reinventing dishes just by ‘culturally adjusting’ them!!

  11. 10

    Ohhh this looks so delicious!!! And I’ve never heard of it until now and I’m very interested in trying it! I want those thick toasts for this recipe!

  12. 9

    This is something I would really love to have for breakfast! Looks so delicious! THanks for posting!

  13. 8

    WOAH. That looks so decadent! Love that mix of a very very “poor man’s” toast (so cute that sissi can’t recognise it but it’s probably the most common type of bread for asians!) with that poshy european truffle oil. Yum!

  14. 7

    This is a star restaurant breakfast, Yi.

  15. 6

    This looks like a dish served only in 5-star restaurants but you make it look so easy to prepare that I am tempted to try. But first where to find the bread? Hmmmm, would any sandwich bread work?

    • 6.1

      hi tigerfish, I bake bread myself but you can probably find the bread in local bakery. You can also use thick cut sandwich bread. Good luck!

  16. 5

    Yum! I will definitely try this…and with my homemade pain de mie…great recipe Yi.
    Have a wonderful week 😀

  17. 4

    I know someone that would love this! And I would try truffle salt on this, too! Have a great store here in Denver that sells it and I could just use that as perfume all day!

  18. 3

    Pretty dish! I know about this dish, but have never made it. I should – it’s easy and I’ll bet the flavor is dynamite! Good stuff – thanks.

  19. 2

    Your toast sounds and looks very intriguing. Actually the bread also! (I have never seen such a bread here; the closest thing I know is sliced “toast” bread). I love everything with eggs in the main role, but truffle oil must make this snack extraordinary. Have you ever tried truffle butter? (I mean with black truffles; I suppose your oil is scented with white truffle). Some cheese shops in France sell it (mine only around Christmas alas…). It’s sensational and not expensive really. I could pay it more than caviar 😉

    • 2.1

      Hi Sissi, yes the sliced toast bread is great for this snack and yes the truffle oil is from white truffle. I have not used truffle butter but it’s one of the ingredients I always wanted to try. Time for my Christmas shopping 🙂

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