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Homemade Soy Milk 豆漿 | Yi Reservation

Homemade Soy Milk 豆漿

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{Recipe} Homemade Soy Milk Recipe 豆漿

While soy milk is often seen as a daily alternative in the States, soy milk has been a beverage in China and other parts of Asian for hundreds and thousands of years.

Traditionally, soy milk is served hot for breakfast and it’s often paired with Chinese style donuts, toast, or steamed buns. Soy milk is not only delicious but it’s also high in protein, low in fat, and packed with nutrition.

{Recipe} Homemade Soy Milk Recipe 豆漿

 Like many people who grew up in China, I prefer to start my day with a cup of homemade soy milk over a cup of regular milk or coffee. Having grown up drinking freshly made soy milk almost daily, I have yet found any store bought soy milk, which by the way often contains artificial flavors and additives, that nearly resembles the fresh, nutty and creamy stuff I used to drink.

{Recipe} Homemade Soy Milk Recipe 豆漿

 Now, making your own soy milk is actually a lot easier than you think. If you own a soy milk machine (a popular kitchen equipment in China), you can literally make your own soy milk by pushing one button. For those of us don’t have that kind of luxury, you can still make great-tasting soy milk with just a blender and a mesh or cloth.

{Recipe} Homemade Soy Milk Recipe 豆漿

One suggestion before you jump into the recipe: given the recent buzz with negative health impact associated to genetically modified soy beans, you should try to use organic non- genetically modified soybeans whenever you can. They are generally available at your health food stores or most of the Asian supermarkets. For a little extra cost, you can serve yourself the tastiest organic soy milk you can’t find elsewhere!

Homemade Soy Milk 豆漿

Yield: 6 servings

Prep Time: 15

Cook Time: 10

Total Time: 25

Make this delicious homemade Soy Milk following this step-by-step recipe at yireservation.com.


  • 1lb dried organic soybeans
  • Water. Approximately 6 - 7 cups (1420 – 1660ml)
  • Sugar or Salt (optional)


  • Blender
  • Cloth or fine mesh strainer


  1. Soak the dried soybeans in water overnight in the refrigerator. The beans will double in size. Rub the beans with your hands to separate the transparent skins from the soybeans. Remove the skins and rinse the beans in cold water
  2. Transfer the soybeans to a blender. Add just enough water to cover the soybeans (the right initial water level is important to maximize the soy milk yield)
  3. Blend at high speed for a minute or until there are no visible beans. Add rest of the water separately in 3 batches. Each addition of water follows with a 20 second blend
  4. Next step is to separate the soybean pulp to give soy milk a smooth taste. You can simply run soy milk through a really fine mesh strainer. Alternatively you can run the soy milk through two layers of clean cotton cloth
  5. The remaining solid portion is the soybean pulp or okara. Soy pulp is used in Chinese and Japanese cooking so save it if you feel being adventurous
  6. Lift the edges of the cloth together and squeeze as much soy milk as you can through the cloth into a container. Save the pulp and store in the fridge for other use
  7. Bring the fresh soy milk to boil and flavor it with sugar or salt. Cool it to room temperature for immediate consumption or serve it chilled. Soy milk can be stored in the fridge for up to 3 days

Help yourself with a cup of freshly made soy milk and enjoy the difference!!

Now, if you want to impress someone with your soy milk, check out this almond tofu recipe.

{Recipe} Homemade Soy Milk Recipe 豆漿

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  1. 11

    Hi, how do you get rid of that bitter or beany taste? Thanks, Ting

    • 11.1

      hi Ting, sorry for not getting back to you earlier. If you are referring to the nutty flavor from soy beans, then there is really not much can be done. Just make sure you remove as much bean skin as you can. Hope this helps.

    • 11.2

      Hi Scott, I have found for my Asian American palate, I add a lot more water. I also boil the mixture until I like the taste then remove from heat and add sugar. I hope this helps you.

  2. 10

    Thanks for this. I tried it because I miss real soy milk. Outcome: Big mess. So please tell me, how do you cope with the FROTH?! Heating it is so difficult because it becomes a giant foam monster, billowing out of the pot even on very low heat. Stir, stir, stir, low heat … still a crazy unmanagable froth machine. What’s the secret?! Thanks 🙂

    • 10.1

      Hi Steph, thanks for checking out the recipe. I agree it’s a messy process to boil soy milk and the approach I take is to skim out the foam as soon as it accumulates. I know this sounds like a lot of work but it does get the job done. Another approach is to use a really big pot and only fill it half-way. This way the foam is unlike to spill out. However you do still need to skim it off at one point. Hope this helps.

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  5. 9

    Thanks for this recipe. That one detail about soaking overnight in the refrigerator, makes your recipe stand out from others that I tried which left my soya fermented and with a bad taste and smell by morning.

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  7. 8

    It looks so easy, I’ll definitely try this soy milk, thanks for sharing…

  8. 7

    This is such a great idea!
    Never thought of making my own soy milk but now I will.
    Must taste so much nicer when freshly made.

  9. 6

    Almond tofu….love it. Thanks.
    How can you use the pulp from the leftover?

    • 6.1

      Hi DB, thanks for the comment. I’ll post a recipe on the pulp but you can use it for a wide range of things such as pancakes, veterinarian “meat ball”, and etc.

      • Hello! I was just about to ask the same question as DB but now I’m wondering if you have posted any recipes for the pulp yet or if it’s still in the works. Love your recipes!

        • hello, I have not shared a recipe on the pulp but one of my favorite ways of using it is to make “falafel” using the pulp. Just mix the pulp with the spices and give it a nice fry you get crunchy and light soy falafels. Hope this helps.

  10. 5

    Haven’t made my own soya milk in a while…must get some soya beans next week to whip up a batch. Homemade tastes definitely creamier and better!

  11. 4

    Wow, I had no idea it was so easy to make your own soy milk! And in must minutes! Well, except for the soaking, which is is totally unattended time. Great recipe — thanks.

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